Life changes with The Law of Personal Power. Failures become the stepping stones to success and joy lives in almost every moment, because we allow it to.

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The Law of Personal Power refers to our ability to reinvent our thoughts and shape our reality.

The Law of Personal Power states: ‘If we have the power to control our mind, we have the power to change our thoughts and therefore our reality. When we understand this, we see that we have the power to reinvent our lives at any given moment’.

Evidence of The Law of Personal Power is all around us. From Ancient Greek Philosophers, spiritual leaders, psychologists, and modern-day neuroscientists.

The mind is everything: what you think you become.

– Socrates

We are what we think. All that we are arises in our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.

– Buddha

Leading neuroscientist Michael Merzenich echoes this ancient wisdom: “Now science is telling us that you are in charge. That it’s under your control, that your happiness, your well-being, your abilities, your capacities, are capable of continuous modification, continuous improvement, and you’re the responsible agent and party.”

Life is a miracle. We are the joyful choice makers. Quote by Sakshi Chetana.

To understand the Law of Personal Power is to accept responsibility for our own lives. Through practice, we can learn to master our thoughts and reinvent our reality.

The Law of Personal Power is the first key to power. Understanding this law is our first step to unlocking The Power to Reinvent but, it is important to realise, that it is not the end of the process.

Life is a miracle. We, all of us are creator beings. We are the joyful choice makers

– Sakshi Chetana

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

– Viktor Frankel

Personal Power is not the end of the process. It is a tool that you use to get someplace. The purpose of the car is not to live in the car, it is to drive you someplace you want to go.

– Dr. Frendrick Lenz

As an illustration, If the Law of Personal Power is the car, then think of The Five Pillars of Power as the map that will guide you to the desired destination and The Power Goal System as the fuel to get you there.

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the law of personal power. discover the secret to reinventing yourself

law of personal power. discover how to unlock the power to reinvent yourself.

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