You deserve a life you love

Our mission is to give you clarity, courage and the resources you need to achieve your big goals.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Founder of The Power to Reinvent

I believe the most successful people in the world get what they want because they set goals.

After ten years working with hundreds of ambitious individuals and businesses, the one technique I share repeatedly – with every client – is the power of goal setting (done right).

This site (and my work) is entirely dedicated to giving you the power to achieve your goals and find your flow in less time. Find out more about me


the right way

We live in a frantic world of competing priorities and distractions.

In every direction, there is a different demand for our attention. Images of filtered perfection flood our social media, increasing pressure on us to do and be more.

We are frazzled.

We sideline our dreams, responding to other people’s priorities. Lost in the everyday noise, we comfort ourselves with the promise that ‘one day’ we will achieve our big goals.

We don’t have the time right now.

The biggest problem – you think you have time.

Your life is precious.

You are filled with immense potential.

Your intuition calls you to live a life of purpose, meaning, joy and happiness.

But where do you start?

In your already chaotic life, how do you achieve your goals and find joy on the journey?

Regardless of how busy your life, how anxious, you are about going after your goals or how big your fear of failure.

We got you!

We are the GO TO resource that helps you achieve your big goals and find joy in the journey.


We use our 5 step POWER Goal System which is underpinned Law of Personal Power and underpinned by the 5 Pillars of Power.

The Power to Reinvent our lives lies within each of us.

Our platform gives you the POWER to unlock it.

Welcome and get ready to join the hundreds of others we have helped to find the joy in designing life on their terms.

Give yourself the power to reinvent today.

Start setting goals the right way…


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