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Introducing Find Your Flow Intensive

Find Your Flow is an online, self-paced course that will reconnect you with who you are & what you want from life.

Every methodical module has been crafted & expertly researched to build momentum, so that you can find your flow from the comfort of your own home. At a pace and rate that suits you.

The digital course platform and detailed course workbook are designed to guide you through step by step. 

Are you ready to stop struggling & find your flow?

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How many of these sound familiar to you…?

You feel like something is off, life looks good on the outside but you’re going through the motions wondering ‘is this it?’

You strive to succeed at work and home, but your high expectations leave you feeling unfulfilled and stuck in perfectionism.

You judge yourself. Harshly. And while your inner critic can motivate you, it’s diminishing your self-esteem.

You’re thoughtful & empathetic to the needs of others, but struggle to be firm in your own boundaries, leaving you overcommitted and resentful.

You’re a gold star junkie, a ‘good girl’ who has followed the rules but despite your achievements, you don’t feel enough.

Have you tried to Overcome these and It hasn’t worked?

At various points in my life, I’ve experienced all of the above (sometimes all at once.)

I know how overwhelming it feels to be unsure about who you are and what you want. I also know how confusing it is to know which way to turn…

Fill your shelves with self-help books?

Fill your phone with wellness apps?

Yoga? Meditation? Bootcamps?

There is an easier way

Find Your Flow Intensive is a simple, warm, optimistic approach to growth and change.

There’s no fluffy or aggressive advice. No 4am alarms. No spurious toxic positivity techniques. No ‘gurus’ preaching how to live your life.

It’s a mix of science, psychology that will reconnect you with who you are & what you want in life.


Enrol today and recieve. instant access.

Find Your Flow is…

Short, but intensive. It’s a course for those who are tired of Googling solutions, crossing their fingers, and hoping things just work out.

For those who are ready & determined to deeply connect with who they are and get absolute clarity on what they really want.

A safe, scientific, supported ‘try it now’ course that encourages you to take bold action. With real-time application, you’ll be expertly guided on each step to ensure solid, sustainable, lasting transformation.

A way to identify your unmet needs, learn how to meet them, and develop a deep sense of inner trust and confidence.

The route to clear unseen blocks and break low worth habits, opening you up to new possibilities.

Not for the faint-hearted. You will ask difficult questions of yourself and find some difficult answers. It will be worth it.

Imagine sitting on your sofa a few weeks from now and…..

Understanding with clarity & authenticity who you are and what you want.

Feeling so free & safe that you step out of comparison and have complete trust and confidence in your choices.

Feeling the ease and joy of life unfolding. Not trying to always ‘get there’.

Breaking free of old habits & patterns so that you can take bold, courageous steps toward your purpose.

Finding your flow, and the harmony, serenity, and ease that follows.

It’s closer than you think.
Feeling stuck & unfulfilled isn’t your punishment.
It’s your wakeup call.


And a few years ago my life was more bland than bold. I didn’t know where I’d gone wrong. I’d followed life’s rules, ticked its boxes, but whilst full it felt empty. I’d lost who I was and what I wanted from life. Then I began to implement the psychology of flow. And since then, I’ve experienced the freedom, confidence, and clarity to live the life I always should have done. On my terms. (Those terms included setting up my own business, publishing two books, hosting a sell-out book launch in NYC, and getting featured in The Telegraph and The Sun. travel the world full-time, living in Thailand, Bali, Copenhagen, Portugal and Taiwan).

I am no nonsene psychologist (British Psychological Society), published author, and expert in happiness & flow. I help people become their whole selves, so that they can experience a deep sense of self-trust and self confidence.

How can we become more of who we are and less of who we should be?

How Find Your Flow works….

Everything in this course is from my own personal and professional experience. It has elements of what I learned, what I wish I’d learned, in the ways that I learned, and the ways that I wished were available.

Find Your Flow is a online self-paced course you can work through from the comfort of your own home. 

Each week you’ll work through a pre-recorded online module and then use your workbook to consolidate the learning and integrate through action.

You’ll apply the things you learn as the course progresses. Try them out, experience the effect of accelerated alignment as you find your flow. 

Are you ready to find your flow? Enrol today!

Here’s what People Have to Say

This program is for anyone who wants to find their purpose in life and wants to live your life to its fullest. And who struggle with the feelings of unworthiness and the feeling of being broken


Sarah has the ideal personality to be working with people – she is so empathetic and charismatic – and she brings knowledge and material in such as casual and human way, you feel like you are talking to a friend.


what’s covered?

The Curriculum


Module One: Rewrite the Rules: Happiness & The Psychology of Flow

It’s time to rewrite the rules of happiness, using flow psychology.

Discover that what we believe on the inside always reflects the results we see on the outside. Get ready to restructure your belief systems and finally understand why psychologists are hailing Flow as the secret to happiness.

You’ll develop a deep sense for what happiness and authentic success means to you, and clear the path to work towards your goals.


Module Two: Get Unstuck: The Art & Science of Creating a Vision

Now we’re diving straight into clarity and alignment of purpose, so that your life can truly flow. I’ll walk you through a psychology based exercise I’ve created called flow mapping, which will give you crystal clear confidence in what you want from life.

Then you’ll create your flow map, experimenting with your purpose I’ll show you how to get confident and clear on your vision.  


Module Three: Find Alignment: Remove Mental & Emotional Resistance

With your vision in place, you’ll face an internal push/pull between excitement and fear. So now we’ll work on getting the different parts of you into alignment, integrating your different parts so you can feel harmonised. This science-backed meditation and visualization technique will remove any resistance, self-doubt, and fear that you may have about moving towards your vision.

You’ll feel truly empowered to manifest your vision into reality.


Module Four: Set Your Pace & Free Yourself from Comparison.

Flow is unique to each of us and in this module, you’ll see how you can set the pace and free yourself from comparison. No more checking Instagram and feeling left out, no more checking LinkedIn and feeling left behind.

You’ll experience first-hand how to tap in and trust the level of challenge that feels right to you. It’s here you’ll step out of the overwhelm and finally see how life can flow. Feel the momentum build as you master exactly how to follow & trust the personal rhythm of your life.


Module Five: Self-Worth Mastery: Reduce Self Doubt & Finally Feel ‘Enough’

It’s time to take your self worth back, step out of the need for external validation, and relinquish the constant striving to accomplish more. We’ll do this together as I teach the science of being and feeling enough.

I’ll show you exactly how to release self-doubt using psychology-based principles that can easily be applied in your everyday life. And I’ll share with you the science of self-validation so that you can always feel enough. 


Module Six : Master the Principles of Living in Flow 

You’ve found a deeper sense of your flow, but there will be times that circumstance pull you out of alignment. Personal growth is a direction of travel, a constant exploration rather than a static destination. Flow is a way of life, it runs deeper than psychology, it’s a way of being. We’ll end our course with 10 guiding principles to help you find and stay in your flow when life becomes challenging.


are your ready to find your flow?

what’s covered?

Here’s What you will get when you sign up

Methodical Modules

Six cleverly packaged online modules are broken down into bite-sized chunks with tailored videos to fit around your busy lifestyle. 

Intensive Workbook

A beautiful, editable PDF workbook with follow-up exercises to solidify the learning, clear the blocks, and find your flow.


Lifetime access to all the course content and videos from the online modules. So you can revisit the material at the click of a button.

This Course Gives you the Tools You Need to Accomplish Your Goals.

Other courses dump information. They put a lot of effort into their sales process. But once you’ve signed up – you feel underwhelmed by the content. This is more than just ‘another’ course.

In Find Your Flow Intensive you are given proven, expertly researched systems to accomplish your goals. Each module builds on the next to give you clarity and develop consistently aligned choice.

In this course you’re not another number. I care deeply about your results, fulfilment and happiness. 

I’m fully transparent about the value this course offers. No inflated prices to trick you into believing you’re saving a lot of money. Because you are.

In Find Your Flow Intensive course you’ll receive:

Expertly crafted modules 

Lifetime Access to the Course Content and Videos

An Editable Workbook

Bonus video on how to journal for flow 

The total value of this course should be $987 USD per person. But that’s not what I’m charging for it. This course is jam packed with value and what’s even better is that it delivers results.

Enrol now so you don’t miss out

Are you ready? Enrol today and start your journey.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident that you will have a great experience on the course and if you are prepared to dedicate yourself to it, you will get the results. But if you are not satisfied I am offering a refund in full. 

Here’s what People Have to Say


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work if you are busy?

Absolutely. The modules are broken down into short bite-size videos so that you can dedicate as little as 15 mins on the days when you’re really busy. You’ll also have lifetime access to the modules so you can revisit them at any time. 

However you must be fully committed to doing the exercises that will bring about change. Busy can’t be an excuse. In the modules I bring you all of my energy, resources, encouragement and expertise – but I can’t do the work for you.

What are the dates and times?
This is an fully online course. You can work through each of the six modules in your own time to fit around your busy schedule and commitments. The course platform will guide you through each step and help you work your way through the coaching videos and editable workbook.
What if I have no idea what I want?

Then you are a perfect fit for the course.

I like the science and the psychology parts, but I worry it will go over my head.

Don’t. All of the psychology is presented in a jargon free, relatable way. This is an easy to follow, expertly crafted course.

I’m interested in the programme but I’m nervous. Will you actually be able to deliver the results you promise?

I get it. It all sounds great on paper, but there is a cynical part of you that wonders if it’s really possible. It’s normal to feel nervous and struggle to put your trust in someone you don’t know. There are so many programmes which underdeliver. But you just have to look at the programme, expertise, to get a feel of the change this course can bring.  You’ll have all the resources you’ll need but you must be committed to making the change.

I’ve never invested in myself before. Is it worth the money?

It’s good to question where you spend your money. I want this course to be right for you. I don’t want anyone to sign up out of pressure. Ask yourself whether you think it will move you forward? And can you afford not to make these changes?
I’m guilty of this too. I would easily spend money on a week’s holiday to relax and get away from life, yet I would find it difficult to justify making an investment to create a life I didn’t need to escape from.
If you’re ready to stop Googling things, asking advice, repeating the same patterns, and feeling stuck – then this course is valuable for you. But if you’re not there yet and you want to keep trying alone, that’s fine too. I want you to make a decision that’s in alignment with you and if you’re ready now, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and given my full attention. If you can’t justify it, no problem, it’s not the right time for you. I’ll be here when it is.

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