Grab your headphones and join me and my incredible friends on these podcasts.

We chat about everything from the personal (how it really felt to sell everything and life as a digital nomad) to the professional (including how to set goals and overcoming limiting beliefs).

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Not Another Sales Podcast

Sarah joins Chris Hatfield, host of Not Another Sales Podcast to chat Limiting Beliefs – what are they and how to overcome them.

What you can expect to learn:

How to identify limiting beliefs and how to spot them

What impact limiting beliefs can have on your life

Slow down, achieve more, live better

If you feel like your thoughts and beliefs are holding you back from making a change or progressing, then this episode is for you. Tune in and get some actionable and practical tips to overcome your limiting beliefs.

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how to be podcast

Sarah joins Brittany Reid on her podcast How to be. Listen as Sarah talks about flow, becoming a more mindful person and her experience learning to meditate with monks in Thailand

What you can expect to learn:

What mindfulness is and how to become more mindful

How to get more flow in your life

Practical tools to help you overcome challenges in your life

Listen on itunes here.

the maverick show

Sarah joins Matthew Bowles on his podcast the Maverick Show. Listen as Sarah shares her story of how she and her husband Chris quit their jobs and sold their house, car and all their stuff to pursue their dream of starting their own business and travelling the world full time.

What you can expect to learn:

How you can power up your subconscious and use visualization techniques

Why it’s important to set your goals in the positive

Specific exercises for how to find your passions set P.O.W.E.R. goals

Why you are never too old to reinvent yourself ; and

What it’s really like to be a full-time digital nomad with your husband

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