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Speaking & Workshops

Motivate and Inspire Your Audience

In a fast-moving world, my talks and workshops nourish the minds of time-starved high achievers who want to increase success and happiness (I love sharing how you can practically apply the psychology of flow to make this possible).

There is nothing that excites me more than delivering  thought-provoking talks and workshops that gives people immediate insight into how to increase productivity, success and fulfillment in life and work. I show people how by changing the rules, change our results. 

I’ll simplify complex psychology and neuroscience to help audiences understand how to harness their most powerful operating system – the mind. I share practical tools that are instantly actionable. 

Audiences will love this fresh, evidence based approach to happiness and success. 

So, whether it’s helping your leadership team handle uncertainty, giving entrepreneurs a better way to manage their overwhelming to-do list, or you’re a coach seeking to add value to your community, I’m the speaker for you.

Increased engagement, focus, and confidence

Friendly, open and honest Q&A sessions so audiences feel more than a spectator

Sharing my own experiences with authenticity, I show this is more theory – it’s a practice that can truly transform the way we live and work

A motivated audience with clear action steps that will make an immediate change in their lives

Whether you are interested in me as a speaker or want to create a tailored presentation, workshop or event for your organisation click the button below.
“All progress begins with a brave decision”

— Marie Forleo

Private Coaching

Intensive 1-1 work designed to create fast, lasting change.

Private coaching is available to very small number of clients each month.

This is for you if:

You want to create a fast, lasting change in your life or work

You feel stuck, overwhelmed and unsure about what steps to take first

You’re tired of chasing after goals and still feeling unfulfilled

You want to create a life of meaning and joy

what to expect

Expert Coaching

You’re needs will be listened to and expertly handled to create the fast, lasting change you want and deserve

Increased Clarity

We’ll get right to the heart of the issue. After our session you’ll feel clear, focused and understand your priorities

Bespoke Exercises

Based on your specific needs I’ll design follow up exercises to create lasting change and increase your motivation

Lasting Change

My work is designed to rewire your brain, making new connections to ensure the change you desire – lasts

If you’d like to explore how I can help you with private coaching and achieve remarkable results, please contact me here.

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